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Alpha Maria was founded in 2018 by Marie Magdolot. She was frustrated with the availability of the existing piercing candies available in the Philippines, especially in her hometown Davao city and saw that she was not alone.


Years ago when she started having her ears and navel pierced and she really did not mind whatever pair of earrings or set of jewelries she was wearing. But when she got her helix pierced and wore an earring that was made out of copper/brass, it almost instantaneously caused a painful reaction, swelling, and bleeding. Through a lot of research Marie discovered that it was caused by a contact allergy to metal from  wearing earrings made with reactive materials and that she should not have gone through gun piercing.


Eventually she discovered that there are two types of piercing process: needle and gun piercing. And that piercing needle is much better than a piercing gun, for many reasons. Needles are generally cleaner, more accurate, and less painful. Piercing guns literally cause blunt force trauma to the body. Instead of a clean pass, the blunt earring forcefully tears its way through our body’s anatomy, causing more trauma to the piercing than necessary. Furthermore, a piercing gun can "shatter" the ear's cartilage. Of course, there is risk with any piercing, but with proper technique and aftercare, most people can heal a new piercing with minimal complications.


Marie was disappointed that she didn’t know all of these before she had her ears and navel pierced and that could have prevented all the pain she had to go through. Plus it was so difficult for her to look for piercing candies that actually fits her style that is not made from copper/brass as it causes a green patina or surface coating to form on the copper, and that color gets transferred onto the skin which looks unhygienic and the piercing jewelry usually does not last long. It was even more frustrating for her to buy a new set of earrings and need to change it after a short of period of time of usage. Silver and gold was not an option as it as beyond her budget and their weren’t may chic- high-end looking pieces that can be a form of expression for her personality and style.


At that point, she decided to take matters into her own hands and from there Alpha Maria was born.


The Alpha Maria aesthetic is chic, minimal, fun for the strong and bold. Their items fits every personality of a modern Filipina. They are timeless styles that will look good for generations.



Alpha Maria’s body piercing jewelry are mostly made from surgical stainless steel which are hypoallergenic and ideal for freshly pierced body parts. Although the design pieces are made from copper/brass, these are specially coated to prevent any skin reaction and increase the jewelry’s shelf life. 



Our prices reflect the quality of our products but will still fit your budget.



We are committed to minimizing waste and out economic impact. We have chosen to use reusable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable packaging.  

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